Saturday, September 06, 2008

Viddy Well!

If I was a movie poster designer, I'd do stuff like this. The story? Well, this could be a feature movie with a lot of CGI, about a nice and cuddly AI robot called Kirby, who all of a sudden goes berserk due to a system error and machine-guns down just about everything on MIT campus, which is where he was designed, and the geeky student who made it is pressed to work together with the authorities to stop his monstrous creation, while getting into a romantic relationship with the girl from his computer-science class who helps him and has a crush on him, but he is just too daft to get it despite his brilliance. So the couple outmaneuvers the police, gets to the robot, reprograms him and sends him to the Moon on a rocket built in our hero's garage. This all happens in the movie's dramatic finale, when the SWAT team is just about to ram through the front doors, and while police sirens wail on the street. Of course, the feller and his girlfriend manage to have a tearful farewell sequence with the robot moments before sending him to space, reigniting the intriguing Asimovian human-robot debate in viewers' heads. In the end, our hero kisses the girl, reconciles with the grumpy police inspector who delivers a smirky one-liner to the "kid", and the film's closing credits crawl up accompanied by an uplifting Country & Western song.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Battle-Weary McCain

A sketch I did on the side of the book I was reading. The thoughts that crossed my mind while I was sketching this: "He is battered, handicapped, over the hill, fed-up. Yet he has one more battle to fight. Will he prevail?"