Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thesis sketches

This is my graduate yeear at the Art Academy, so I'm supposed to come up with a concept to develop into a thesis artwork - an artifact, or an art installation, or whatever - that would hopefully sum-up all that I've learned at the academy and hopefully provide insights into some formal and philosophical issues that I might like to raise. So, I'm focusing on cartography, which I think is a subject matter of considerable relevance to art, and particularly to painting. I believe that we live in a faulty world which is misrepresented by faulty maps that use manipulative projections and culturally imposed conventions (e.g. North must be up, while South must be down, etc.), and as such, maps are a poster child for a simulated reality that permeates our cultures. So anyways, here I present some smaller-scale sketches on paper or canvas that should help me develop the idea.