Thursday, March 15, 2012

With Easter around the corner, and the world about to get crucified...

This is a painting, which measures about 8ft2 (250 cm) in height by 4ft11 (150 cm) in width, depicting the historic area of Palestine with its immediate surroundings, framed within a cross-shaped canvas. The map uses modern borders and titles implying that the strife still plagues the area, rendering it eternally crucified. I reinforced the idea by drawing a scale of the map – a feature that usually appears on most maps – but this time with temporal, rather then spatial reference, signifying the thousands of years of troubles (thus the 1000, 2000 mark) that are likely to continue indefinitely (thus the infinity symbol). This piece was approved unanimously by the evaluation commission and is likely to appear at the “Passionic Heritage Exhibition” in Zagreb during the Holy Week (opening day TBA).

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