Sunday, March 18, 2012


This is a sculpture I've made for the Easter Exhibition (see the post below), which I don't think will appear there, since not all members of the evaluation commission have given it a go-ahead. So, anyways, I had this made with sleeves stitched together in a form of a cross, on which I later placed an infamous yellow armband that Jews had to wear in Nazified Croatia during WWII, whereby letter "Ž" stands for "Židov", or “Jew”. In this way, I made a clear parallel between the Christ's Passion and the Holocaust; and the sign I.N.R.I. (Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews) that was, according to the Gospel of John, placed above the head of Crucified Christ, with the armbands in occupied Europe. Furthermore, "Ž" is the last letter of the Croatian alphabet, whereas Holocaust was the last, defeating moment of civilized humanity. Finally, on a more self-referential and conceptual note, "Ž" is also the last letter of the word "Križ", meaning “Cross”.

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