Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yet another composition

I guess I'll be doing these well into next week. The idea is to try to reproduce the real proportions and relative distances of objects, and to be able to set up an overall composition. I guess I really needed that, because I think the composition has so far been the weakest point in my art. This is just a crash course, because my instructor told me that I'll do only two 3-hour long lessons prior to starting nude, figure and portrait drawing. So, this Thursday I'll do my last lesson on basic composition, and then, from next week's Thursday, I'll start with the real deal. I am glad that it worked out this way, the two preliminary lessons will have helped me understand the basic concepts, but it will not have been too long, just a worm-up. These basics will then make my life easier when I start with the more demanding stuff.

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