Thursday, November 30, 2006

Art course

I just had my first lesson in my preparatory class for the Academy of Arts entrance exam next summer. Just basic stuff. As of two weeks from now, however, they'll put me in the real deal - head and figure drawing. Looking forward to it, but it isn't that easy. So many things I didn't know about composition, for example, so I was feeling like a blundering novice. The teacher told me to approach the subject with a series of measurements. Namely:

1. Mark the boundaries of the picture in terms of height and width
2. Measure the objects relative to each other
3. Connect the important points of the with diagonal lines
4. Use grids to position details in the picture
5. Mind the space between objects

The teacher instructed me to draw a simple line drawing, having in mind these five points:

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bell Tower

Did this a while ago w/ ink and watercolors. Thought of posting it here...


Another one of them nudes. I guess I'm into "Nude a Day" drill. I try to do those most demanding and most suggestive poses.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I sketched these two pieces off Virtual Pose 3 package. Its basically a collection of 360-degree photographs that can be viewed and turned around with a Quicktime application. They made these photos by placing one or more cameras in a circle and taking photos from various angles while subject was being still. Camera was probably affixed to a circular rail, so that it maintained the same distance from the subject regardless of the angle. I think they made those jump-kick special fx in Matrix the same way. Anyways, Virtual Pose to me is the closest thing to a live model. Having said that, I hope to have more access to real models, since as of this Thursday, I am joining a genuine art course.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Small Comics Dump

All three pieces are related to the comic convention held last weekend in Zagreb, Croatia. The topmost one-page comic I submitted for the official competition, while the remaining two drawings I did at the workshop that was also included in the event. The last image depicts participants in the workshop, sketching their own comic characters.

SW comic color scheme

I guess I might do it this way. I gave up on the acrylics, because it would take too long, and I want to move on. Also, these inked sheets are way too small, should have drawn bigger.