Monday, November 26, 2007

At the Oscars!!!

Dear all, I'm happy to say that I won the third prize that was awarded to me for a one-page comic at the international comics festival called "Funny Comics Show" that took place in Zagreb this weekend. I submit to you the page that got me this prize, and apologize for not having it translated in English. I also give you some photos to show you the laid-back atmosphere of the
awards ceremony.

This is Mr. Šunjić, a renown comics publisher in Croatia, who was sitting in the jury. The remaining two members of the jury were the renown comic artists Tihomir Tikulin and Goran Sudžuka (artist of "Y-the last man", etc.).

This is the comic. The competition was about doing a one-page comic themed "Cowboys and Indians".

I don't remember what I was saying, its all too blurry to me now.

My wife Valentina got hold of the monetary part of the prize fairly quickly. Apart from the money and an Andy Warhol moment, I received a beautiful calendar with large reproductions of the most famous of all Croatian comic artists, Andrija Maurović.

Here I pose next to Mr. Gallieno Ferri, veteran author of the Italian comic "Zagor", which has for a long time been very popular in Croatia and elsewhere in South East Europe. I was very honored to have Mr. Ferri sign my prize plaque.


nelchee said...

čestitam! super je strip. pogotovo to što se radi o ozbiljnoj temi, a uspio si to prikazati na jednoj stranici. meni se to činilo neizvedivo.
btw, žena? koliko godina imaš? :)

miljenko said...

Hvala nel, baš si faca. Da, jedna stranica bila je izazov, al sam odlučio da iako je samo jedna, neka sva pršti :)))