Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alternative Sources of Energy - Energy 2012 Art Competition

I was supposed to do three pieces on the topic of energy for an art competition, so I decided to play around with the renevables by applying for every given energy source a different contemporary art style.

This one is titled Energy of the Biomass. Since biomass is a solid matter I thought using Nouveau Realisme was a spot - on (if not Arte Povera or Land Art).

This one is called Energy of the Wind. I thought the wind concerns space, ergo I used Concetto Spaziale or Spacialism pioneered by Lucio Fontana. In this way I've literally created a wind by a draft that sweeps through the slash in the middle of the canvas. :)

This one is called Energy of the Sun. Here I employed Simulationism by turnig the stretched canvas into a solar panel. So, the sun gives light and light often creates an illusion, thus the simulation...

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Commercial Biomass said...

Nice ideas for using these in your competition. By renewable energy we can reuse the energy for something else and doesn't pollute the atmosphere the gas we use has smoke that goes up to the atmosphere and that is what also causes Global Warming.