Monday, August 25, 2014

this is how I envisaged episode VII Stormies

The way I imagined Episode VII, was that Empire was defeated, ushering an era of a restored Republic. Therefore, I'd base my story on this New Republic shedding the crippling idealism of the previous Republic, while adopting the pragmatism of the Empire, such as having a standing army, for example. (This 'Republican Storm Trooper design, therefore, reflects this kind of best-of-both-worlds approach - at least I think - by making them combat-effective, but also more humane and approachable.) So, the main conflict would be about The New Republic teetering on a fine line between preserving a functioning democracy and falling back into yet another form of dictatorship. I'd have this kind of a conflict reflected in Luke's inner self as well, as he is tormented by demons of the past and haunted again by the Dark Side.

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