Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Preview of a page with an inked outline

This ist he first page of a 14 pp. comic from a Star Wars universe. I intend to color it with acrylics, like Juan Gimenez does.


tonci said...

technically, not bad. you might want to fatten up the gutters a bit, and try using different line weights to convey distance (i.e. panel 3). the storytelling part is ok in the first half, but panels 4-6 get a bit muddy. especially the transition from 5-6. sure, there's no text, but it should be much clearer.

how much pre-planning do you do?


miljenko said...

Yes, agreed, Tonci, thank you for dropping a line. I hope inking inconsistencies won't show up so much after I paint over. As per pre-planning, well I wrote the script and did som rough sketches to aid me through setting up the panel layout. Cheers!