Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More painterly stuff

As one friend, who is - despite his young age - already a renown artist, told me, I should include in my evaluation portfolio several "free-style" paintings. It is good, he says, when they can see applicant's interest in particular styles, colors and techniques. In this way, they'll know that the applicant already knows, at least to a certain extent, which direction to take in the 3rd year of his studies. Apparently, professors there appreciate students who enroll to the academy not only to practice drawing but also to learn how to express themselves artistically.

I never thought of a particular artistic style I wanted to pursue, even though I thought the advice was right on the money. I therefore recalled that I liked Impressionism the most, since I've always used to find amusing the elusiveness of light and color on various objects. This painting depicts Autumn in Maksimir Park in Zagreb.

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