Monday, June 11, 2007

Why go painting?

Instead of animation school. Well, first I thought If I choose animation major at the art academy where I'll apply in like three weeks from now, I could profit from drawing exercises that I thought were the norm there. But, for some reason, it weren't. Instead they focus on production rather than on art. So, somebody has told me, if you expect you're going to draw alot, forget about it. So, I went to see the Painting Department and what they do there. I realized that they do so much of drawing, painting, nude drawing stuff, and that on, like, daily basis. So, I thought, I better give it a try. Make no mistake, though, the competition there is fairly challenging, so I expect nothing but blood, sweat and tears through the exam.

I decided to throw in this post some of the stuff I'll probably include in my portfolio when I apply there.

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